Good design blends in perfectly, is unobtrusive and is only noticed at second glance. It is innovative, courageous and arouses emotions in the observer. Good design not only touches the eyes, but above all the hearts of consumers, and it pays special attention to our environment. The best designer is still Mother Nature.

Every company should be guaranteed an outward appearance, through its products or services, in such a way that a clear recognisability of function, affiliation and value is apparent to the observer. This pleasure should be due to everyone – from the smallest entrepreneur to the largest corporation.

We have made it our mission to create not good, but genius design for our clients.
The values that companies embody should be evident in every detail of the design of their products and services and make it recognisable at first glance what a company stands for.

Human Interaction

We respond to each client personally and offer them a tailor-made concept.

Flexible Approach

By customising our services, we focus entirely on the needs of our clients.

Precise & Accurate

Special attention is paid to details and precise elaboration in our work.

Quick Development

Concepts, solutions and designs are developed in the shortest possible time.

Outside the Box

Innovative products that stand out from the crowd are our top priority.

Reliable Results

Together with the client, we focus on long-term goals and results.

yami. design studio

Behind the scenes

A brief look behind the scenes of how we work. Every project starts with a research and analysis phase followed by ideations and different concepts. The final concept is modelled ready for production in CAD and, at the request of our customers, we also create full-scale models to experience the design in reality.